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We want to say thank you to all of our users for your interest in the research we conducted on the popularity of Apple Maps. We also want to add some more detail on how we compiled the results and provide some more insight into the debate.

We were keen to provide visibility into actual usage rather than anecdotal evidence. To that end, we were looking to see if we could detect any anonymized traffic from the Apple Maps app on any given day. We were not looking at the total amount of data used by the app. Our goal was to measure popularity, not how data hungry the app was, nor the impact of vector graphics.

Some of you have asked us whether we accounted for variability in traffic over days of the week – the answer is yes, we made the effort to look at usage for the five days before and the five days after a day zero (with day zero being the day each user updated to iOS6).

It’s worth noting too that data does not contain personally identifiable information. Moreover, all of our reports are based on aggregated data across the whole sample size, which helps achieve even higher compression and acceleration rates for our users, so they can save money and enjoy better smartphone performance.

We’d love to hear more of your thoughts and comments. We would especially like to hear from you guys about any other hard data that’s out there which adds to the debate and increases insight.

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Thanks again for all your support.

- The Snappli Team